13 Different Types of Farming

types of farming

Perhaps the oldest occupation known to mankind (followed very closely by parenting), farming allowed our ancestors to stop migrating and create the first villages. In modern times, we’ve developed a wide range of farming techniques our forebears could never have imagined. The following types of farming are just a few examples of how versatile this … Read more

5 Different Types of Franchises

types of franchise

Starting a new business can be a nightmare of trademarking, inventory, investments, and advertising that could ultimately lead to failure and potential bankruptcy. Franchises are an excellent way to get a head start with far less risk involved. Experts argue about how many different models there are out there based on how they define each … Read more

19 Different Types of Lawyers (and What They Do)

types of lawyers

The law is a complicated thing. Each year, more and more laws are added that help define, supersede, or modify existing laws. The result is a complete mess that no one person will ever be able to navigate. To help combat this overwhelming amount of information, law firms often hire staff with a range of … Read more

4 Different Types of Movie Theaters

types of movie theater

What are multiplex theaters? Is that where they do karaoke? A drive-in? Is that the place where you buy food on the go? Maybe a drive-by? What is an IMAX? I don’t know. I asked myself these questions, and the answers I wrote down are all true. I had no idea that they were all … Read more

Different Types of Dollars


It is a large metal coin and was first minted in United States in 1794 and considered the second largest American coin with diameter of 1.043 inches DIFFERENT TYPES OF COINS (last updated on 19 July 2019) SILVER DOLLARS: Silver Dollars are the most popular white metal which was issued by United States The dollar … Read more

Different Types of Debit Cards


Debit card is a useful payment card which is used to pay the amount directly for any usages like purchases and eliminates to carry money DIFFERENT TYPES OF DEBIT CARDS : PIN ONLY CARDS: The customer can use the pin only cards in two ways like typing the four digit identification number or by swiping … Read more

Different Types of Economic Resources

An economic resource mainly refers to the services or as goods which are used by the individuals in order to produce valuable consumer goods or products. With these inputs we are able to provide certain services. For the production and distribution of goods and services the economic resources plays an important part. The economic resources … Read more

Different Types of Economic Systems

Economic system refers to the pattern or the specific model in which how a production or the distribution of goods and services reaches the customers. There are different types of economic styles can be found in different countries. The each economic system has its own features, styles, values and functionalities. The each type of economy … Read more

Different Types of Mutual Funds

Different Types of Mutual Funds Equity Funds Equity funds focus on having long term capital growth with large companies that tie up with them; they will have ample to little income in the process. Funds are classified into three parts, the value, wherein the investors are looking for high-end companies that they may tie up … Read more

Different Types of Life Insurance


Many individuals, businesses, and other entities have insurance as part of their financial planning. They use it to protect themselves against potential significant monetary loses or any financial hardships. It is a form of financial risk management where you pay the premium and in return, they pay you or your beneficiaries the quantity that is … Read more