4 Different Types of Quantitative Research

types of quantitative research

When you think of research, you probably think of hitting the book (or web), grabbing a bunch of facts, and taking some notes. Unfortunately, this is a good way to pull false information and ruin a report or study. Professional circle (and savvy individuals) instead use either qualitative or quantitative studies to compile the most … Read more

10 Different Types of Mathematical Equations

types of equations

Let us now get into mathematics. Who would have ever thought that alphabets would still find themselves in mathematical formulas and functions? An equation is simply defined as equality with different variables also known as unknowns which may be more than just two. The variables or the unknowns are usually represented by letters of the … Read more

26 Different Types of Mathematics

types of math

Mathematics, to put it simply, is the study of numbers. But it is not merely numbers. Mathematics also involves structure, space, and change. Mathematics can be studied as its own discipline or can be applied to other field of studies. Applied mathematics is those which are used in other sciences such as engineering, physics, chemistry, … Read more

5 Different Types of Educational Research

types of educational research

Education serves as a primary foundation of gaining knowledge. It is important in that without it a person may act like a cave man with no idea on things and stuff surrounding him. The twenty-first century has seen the level of education going up through educational research, and it has been racing side by side … Read more



The Experiment is the condition, which is made to demonstrate a known truth, and validate the situation of something previously untried. DIFFERENT TYPES OF EXPERIMENTS (last updated on 19 July 2019) EXPERIMENTAL: It involves the random assignment of participants into different group, in order to determine the casual effect of certain condition. It is also … Read more



The Exam or Examination is the official place to shows the knowledge or ability in particular subject DIFFERENT TYPES OF EXAMS (last updated on 19 July 2019) ESSAY EXAMS: The Essay Exam type is a test to test the capability on particular information thoughts on paper. It is also used to showcase the knowledge on … Read more



It is a legal case involving two opposing parties and they are resolved in the court before the judge and has accuser for each legal cases DIFFERENT TYPES OF COURT CASES: CRIMINAL CASE: In criminal case the cases are handled between the state where the prosecutor represents the people of state by filing a complaint … Read more

Different Types of Divorce


The divorce is nothing but, a legal action between the married people to break their marriage relationship DIFFERENT TYPES OF DIVORCE: SUMMARY DIVORCE: The summary divorce is also called as simple or simplified divorce. The divorce provides an option for couple with minimal assets, no children and no desire for spousal. To get Summary divorces, … Read more

Different Types of Collision

Collision is an instance in which two or more bodies exert forces on each other and it can be either elastic or inelastic. It includes examples like traffic collision, mid-air collision and ship collision DIFFERENT TYPES OF COLLISIONS: CONTENT FOOTNOTE: The Content Footnote gives the additional information about the text. It is more useful way … Read more

Different types of Foot Notes


A foot note is a thing which gives detailed information about the page, and is located at the bottom of the page. It also gives a reference mark in the body and can be identified by numeral or symbol DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOOTNOTES : CONTENT FOOTNOTE: The Content Footnote gives the additional information about the … Read more