12 Different Types of Fairies (and Close Kin)

types of fairies

Mention a fairy, and the average American will picture a bird-sized human with butterfly wings and a penchant for mischief. However, This is a very modern take on a very old concept. Faeries (AKA fae) are found mostly in Celtic mythology and are a lot darker in nature than the modern interpretation. Most fairies can … Read more

23 Different Types of Demons

types of demons

Types of Demons 1. Alp An alp is a nightmare being originating in German folklore. Not to be bewildered with the similarly named Alp-luachra, the alp is sometimes likened to a vampire, but its actions are more akin to that of the incubus. It is distinct from both of these creatures in that it wears … Read more

3 Different Types of Epics

types of epics

What is an epic? Epic literally just means a word, speech or a song. An epic will mean a long story written about an infamous person with regards to heroism or a heroic act. Examples of well-written epics include the ‘Lliad’ and “The Odyssey’. One does not just wake up and begin writing an epic, … Read more

Different Types of Fraternity


Fraternity is an organisation in which a group works on a common interest for the social purpose in a secret way DIFFERENT TYPES OF FRATERNITY : SOCIAL FRATERNITY: The main function of the social fraternity is to serve different colleges as home and also act as the dormitory for those people Social fraternity are also … Read more

Different Types of Catapults


The Catapult is the ancient device for shooting the small stones. It is made up of stick, with piece of elastic, the shape of the catapult with “Y”, so it is easy to tie the elastic piece between the ends DIFFERENT TYPES OF CATAPULT: TREBUCHET CATAPULT: The trebuchet Catapult is very tall, which is used … Read more

Different Types of Disasters


The Disasters is an event, which causes sudden interrupts the normal functionality of the community, society and causes human. It causes the massive destruction. DIFFERENT TYPES OF DISASTERS : NATURAL TYPE OF DISASTERS:           The Natural disaster which caused by the natural forces, and due to the force, it affects the earth and results massive … Read more

Different Types of Followers

Followers might be the oldest kind of people to have ever walked on earth even when they might have been in different branded names. We have had the slaves in Egypt following Pharaoh, then we had the Israelites following Moses, then came the legendary Alexander with his hoard of followers to conquer the world and … Read more

Different Types of Fan Girls

Who is a fan girl? Are you a fan girl? A fan girl is a typical female who might be obsessed or really interested in a type of social life, for example, love of movies, love of comics, love of music or even love of science fiction. Fan girls are always misunderstood for little tiny … Read more

Different Types of Democracy


Different types of Democracy   Direct democracy Direct democracy places all power in the hands of the individual. When political decisions have to be made, all members of a polity gather together and individuals cast a vote. In theory, this sounds like the ideal form of government   Representative democracy As political communities alter and … Read more

Different Types of Discrimination


DIFFERENT TYPES OF DISCRIMINATION As a human being, we all have the so called Human Rights, anywhere in the world we should exercise our human rights such as rights in education, Right to respect and be protected. Most of the time many individuals didn’t able to received human rights. Perhaps, Inequality exists. Discrimination is one … Read more