Different types of Friction


The friction is defined as when the force that resiststhe motion as the surface of one object comes into the contact of surface of other object and it is relative to another. It also act as an stationary objects and it is mainly caused by electromagnetism DIFFERENT TYPES OF FRICTION : STATIC FRICTION: Static friction … Read more

Different types of fraction


Fraction is defined as the object divided into number of equal parts and it can be represented in different ways. It is expressed as a/b where top is the numerator and the bottom is denominator where the part is divided into. DIFFERENT TYPES OF FRACTIONS: PROPER FRACTION:   Proper fraction is defined as when the … Read more

Different Types of Forest


The forest is a complex ecosystem mainly of trees to create a special environment. It is the main interaction with environment with important factors like temperature and rainfall. The forest can exist from equator to polar areas and depending upon the climatic variations there are wide variety of forests DIFFERENT TYPES OF FORESTS: TROPICAL RAINFOREST: … Read more

Different Types OF Fairies


FAIRIES: Fairies aretending to be associated with the pagan myth or religion. They are considered to be supernatural beings that live alongside humans or in a slightly different dimension to ours. Fairies are considered to be either immoral or long lived and will be in a variety mostly humanoid shapes and sizes. DIFFERENT TYPES OF … Read more

Different Types of Followers

Followers might be the oldest kind of people to have ever walked on earth even when they might have been in different branded names. We have had the slaves in Egypt following Pharaoh, then we had the Israelites following Moses, then came the legendary Alexander with his hoard of followers to conquer the world and … Read more

Different Types of Eels

Eel is a fish species belonging to the order of squaliform. It consists of suborders which are twenty families, one hundred and eleven genera and eight hundred species. It is a more exotic creature of the sea with about eight of its species known to science. Conger and Moray are the common genera of marine … Read more

Different Types of Motorcycles


Different Types of Motorcycles Adventure Adventure Bikes allow the driver to sit in an upright position; this is because of the long range of travel that it has equipped with it. It has a large fuel rage, crash bars that protect the driver from slipping and sliding, and suspension travels. Manufacturers have made bikes that … Read more

Different Types of Makeup


Different Types of Makeup             There are a lot of reasons why people, especially women, wear makeup on their everyday lives. They use it to hide the ‘flaws’ on their faces that cause them insecurities, and to enhance their best features. Some apply it to look younger, or older, of course depending on their age. … Read more

Different types of Dentures


Different types of Dentures Many people nowadays, who have missing teeth in one or both jaws in the mouth. The dentures are not always so easy to use and wear. Occasionally they wear out when you try to eat or speak. It usually happens in the lower denture, which can easily become dislodged by the … Read more

Different types of Dental Implants


Different types of Dental Implants The dental implant, prosthetic device or alloplastic material that is usually made of titanium, is a safe and proven successful alternative for the tooth root that has been missing. In several implant systems, the implants are positioned, covered with the gums and left to integrate or combine to the bone. An Implant gives a tough … Read more