9 Different Types of Forces

types of forces

One of the most important concepts in Physics, force is anything that causes an object motion or change of its velocity. Force can be described in simple language as push or pull upon an object which results to its interaction with another object. Force is divided into two major broad categories: contact force and action-at-a-distance … Read more

10 Different Types of Gravel

types of gravel

Gravel is one of the most useful forms of stone available. Not only do we use stone for decoration and as a key component in concrete, but it can also be used in paving and a multitude of other landscaping needs. Knowing the many different types of gravel and what they’re used for can be … Read more

17 Different Types of Cactus

types of cactus

Cactus (technically called “cacti” in plural form) are part of the Cactaceae plant family which consists of some 127 genera and about 1750 species of the order Caryophyllales. Cacti come in many different shapes and sizes and are known for their spininess. Because cactus only grow in areas that have at least some drought, they … Read more

Different Types of Bees

Like any other natural thing essentially exists upon this earth, bee is equally one of the important things that help environment becomes pleasant and fresh as well as to let this earth and its people survive. Bees are the main pollinator among insects to help the growth of foods. Bees do not only provide honey … Read more

Different Types of Ants

Ant is one of the smallest species exist on this land of lord. Ant often belongs to the family of Hymenoptera. Most of them have very narrow waist in the middle of their body, six legs and two antennas on their head. Like other insects, ants also live in colonies or in groups. Some of … Read more

Different Types of Bumblebees

There are about 19 different species of bumblebee (and six species of cuckoo bumblebees) found in the UK, 68 in Europe, 124 species in China, 24 in South America, and around 300 in the world. Bumblebee is one of the insects and considered as the most important for the growth of food in any garden. The … Read more

Different Types of Folds


A fold are rock formation with planar surface and become deformed due to stress and pressure and getscurved. The folds are classified depending upon the size, shape and tightness DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOLDS (last updated on 19 July 2019): ANTICLINE: Anticline fold is a rock formation which is of inverted arc shape and its shape … Read more

Different Types of Flowers


A Flower is a part in plant, which is often coloured and grows at the end of the stem and only survives for a short period of time.The male part of the flower produces pollen, and the female part of a flower. DIFFERENT TYPES OF FLOWERS (last updated on 19 July 2019) ALLIUM: The Allium … Read more

Different Types of Eruptions


Eruption is an explosion of lava from the volcano and it allows hot gases, molten lava and other fragments to erupt DIFFERENT TYPES OF ERUPTIONS (last updated on 19 July 2019) HAWAIIAN ERUPTIONS: This eruption is the calmest type which is characterized by fluid basalt lava and the magma erupted during the Hawaiian eruption is … Read more

Different Types of Dikes


A dike is a structure made up of earth or stone, which is used to hold the back water. The dikes are built for temporary with sandbags to keep the river from flooding the water into town. The dikes are used for protection from River flood, Coastal flood and spur dykes. DIFFERENT TYPES OF DIKES … Read more