4 Different Types of Collisions in the Microscopic World

types of collisions

The different types of collisions are more of an interest to the scientific community; in particular, nuclear physicists. The collisions spoken of here, most often refer to those that happen on a microscopic level. These have to do with molecules, atoms, and sub-atomic particles. These collisions can cause a change in kinetic energy via: a … Read more

5 Different Types of Cell Junctions

types of cell junctions

Cell junctions are found in multi-cellular bodies like trees, dogs, fish and other forms of complex biological life forms. Cell junctions primarily act as communicators between cells. This communication happens through proteins known as communicating junction. Cell junctions also act as a barrier against stress to the cell itself. In this article, we define five … Read more

14 Different Types of Dunks

types of dunks

Dunks are some of the most exciting plays in basketball. Many of us dream to be able to dunk a basketball on a standard 10-foot hoop.  There are many different ways of dunking a basketball and only elite athletes are able to do some. 14 Types of Basketball Dunks Here are some of the many … Read more

11 Different Types of Dump Trucks

A dump truck is a vehicle which is used at construction sites to transport construction materials to and from the site. Old types of semi trucks where separated manually and now the new type of dump trucks are available which can easily perform the operations through hydraulic mechanisms. There are many different types of dump … Read more

4 Different Types of Endangered Animals

types of endangered animals

Excessive of urbanization, industrialization and deforestation may eventually make much of the entire animal world endangered. Animals do not only make this world look beautiful but they are also needed for the survival of humans and fulfill their basic necessities in life. Some animals are used as food to eat, some of them give milk … Read more

5 Different Types of Extraction (and Experiments)

types of extraction

Extraction is the process of separation whereby one substance is gotten out of a mixture. It is a chemical process and takes place in a series of steps with accordance to the extracts in question. An extract is the end product of an extraction process. We have different types of extractions and extracts that include, … Read more

5 Different Types of Estates

types of estates

An estate includes overall property of an individual in which the property is distributed according to the individual’s will. It involves in managing the personal estate and financial planning in a legal way. Types of Estates 1. Freehold Estate A freehold estate in which there is no time duration for the interest in land and … Read more

Different Types of Electromagnetic Waves


Electromagnetic waves are the waves in which the vibrations oscillate between magnetic and electric field. In electromagnetic waves the electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular to each other and also perpendicular to EM wave DIFFERENT TYPES OF ELECTRO MAGNETIC WAVES: RADIO WAVES: Radio waves are the lowest frequency with longest wavelength which ranges from foot … Read more

Different Types of Farm Houses


The Farm house is the place, where the Farmers live. And it is the main house in the Farm. It is place or building residence in a rural or agricultural setting. The farm house may combine with space for animals called as house barn. The Farm houses are sometimes referred as Country homes DIFFERENT TYPES … Read more

Different Types of Football


The Football game is also known as Soccer game, where two teams with eleven players. The players used to play the game with their bodies except their hands and arms. The Football game was found in 1863 in England. And the modern football originated in Britain in the 19th century. DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOOTBALL: FIVE … Read more