Emotions are different forms of mood swings and feelings which include love, anger, joy, fear etc and characterized by mental activities DIFFERENT TYPES OF EMOTIONS : FEAR: Fear which is an unpleasant emotion or feeling makes to get worried or afraid that something bad is going to happen When fear arises it makes the person … Read more

Different Face Types


Face is nothing but usually characterized by its wide hairline and jawline DIFFERENT TYPES OF FACES : ROUND FACE: The majority of Round Face is soft and rounded. Most Probably the Round Faces have chin. In the Round Face, the cheeks are the widest part in the face, which gives the rounded shape. The Characters … Read more

Different Types of Eye Colors


Eyes is most the most beautiful and expressive part in the human body. It has the ability to reveal our inner emotions and they are the window to the outside world. Inside the eye, the colour part is called as Iris. DIFFERENT TYPES OF EYE COLOURS : BLACK: The Black eye is also known as … Read more

Different Types of Fraternity


Fraternity is an organisation in which a group works on a common interest for the social purpose in a secret way DIFFERENT TYPES OF FRATERNITY : SOCIAL FRATERNITY: The main function of the social fraternity is to serve different colleges as home and also act as the dormitory for those people Social fraternity are also … Read more

Different Types of Dizziness


Dizziness is a lightheaded unbalanced feeling which causes fainting and also affects the organs like eyes and ear. It causes various feelings to different people like spinning, feeling faint and loss of balance DIFFERENT TYPES OF DIZZINESS : VERTIGO: Vertigo is a type of dizziness in which it creates a feel of spinning around even … Read more

Different Types of FAN GIRLS

Who is a fan girl? Are you a fan girl? A fan girl is a typical female who might be obsessed or really interested in a type of social life, for example, love of movies, love of comics, love of music or even love of science fiction. Fan girls are always misunderstood for little tiny … Read more