11 Different Types of Forks

types of forks

The US tend to take forks for granted. In the Orient, chopsticks are traditional, with forks only recently becoming widespread. In Europe, the fork didn’t begin to catch on until the 1500s. During the Medieval period, a predecessor to the modern day roast and carving forks was in use, but only in major feasts for … Read more

24 Different Types of Wrenches

types of wrenches

There are literally dozens of different wrench types out there. Some you might use every day, but others are only used in specific trades. The following are a sample of what’s available, chosen to show just how widely used wrenches actually are. 24 Types of Wrenches 1. Combination Wrench Perhaps the most common type of … Read more

19 Different Types of Dolls

types of dolls

There are many different types of dolls that have been used for centuries as toys for kids, collectibles, or even magic rituals. Dolls can be made of fabric, clay, wood, and other materials. Here are some of the most popular types. 19 Types of Dolls 1. Matryoshka Doll A matryoshka doll is also known as … Read more

Different Types of Erasers


Eraser is a tool which is made of rubber and it is used to remove the marks made by pencil, pen marks and also there is another type which is used to remove the blackboard marks DIFFERENT TYPES OF ERASERS : RUBBER ERASER:   It’s an eraser made of rubber which is mounted at the … Read more

Different Types of Foil


Foil it is a thin sheet of metal used to wrap the food for hygienic purpose and as thin as paper DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOil (last updated on 19 July 2019) MAGNETIC HOT STAMPING FOIL: Magnetic hot stamping foil is a drying printing method in which it is used to transfer the thin coating using … Read more

Different Types of Candles


The Candle is nothing but the slender piece or moulded or dipped mass of wax, which used for burning. It is usually prepared with the variety of fats, oils and wax, which is derived from the animals, insects and plants DIFFERENT TYPES OF CANDLES: PILLAR CANDLES: Pillar candles, which are extreme wide, allows to burn … Read more

Different Types of Electrical Outlets

In case you’re planning on building a house or plugging in your computer or even recharging your cell phone, you wouldn’t be able to do anything without the help of an electrical outlet. The device is so useful in that we can rely on it all the time. Getting to know about them will undoubtedly … Read more

Different Types of Electric Motors

An electric motor is a piece of equipment that can run on electricity and turn the electrical energy into mechanical energy. These engines come in various sizes with different kinds of features used in day to day devices, e.g., mixer, blender, washer, fan, player, cycle, car, etc. Thus it can rightly be said the equipment … Read more

Different Types of Dusters

Houses and offices should be always kept clean. People also have certain allergy problems and there are also many other diseases which can cause due to dusting. Dusters are important as they allow keeping dusting away from your home and offices. They can wipe out the surfaces and make everything clean. They come in different … Read more

Different Types of Cement

Different Types of Cement Surprisingly, cement has plenty of applications. Aside from building bridges, roads, driveways, houses, and sky scrapers, cement has other uses not many of us know of. With this much utility, it is not surprising to note that there are many different types of cement as well. Rapid Hardening Cement (RHC)   … Read more