Different Types of Electric Motors

An electric motor is a piece of equipment that can run on electricity and turn the electrical energy into mechanical energy. These engines come in various sizes with different kinds of features used in day to day devices, e.g., mixer, blender, washer, fan, player, cycle, car, etc. Thus it can rightly be said the equipment … Read more

Different Types of Computers


Different Types of Computers In Layman’s Terms Here, we will enumerate and describe the different types of computers, in terms that will be understood by everyone. No geek talk. No tech overload. Just plain old English, comprehensive, yet easy to comprehend. Here’s some basic knowledge for you. The first thing you should know is that … Read more

20 Different Types of Communication

There are many ways to communicate with every person. From a simple gesture to a web page ad, we communicate our thoughts to others, consciously or not. Let’s learn about the different types of communication from the experts, and maybe some bits of common sense. Because sometimes, or most of the time, depending on your … Read more

Different Types of Computer Memory

different types of computer

Different Types of Computer Memory Computer Memory is primary computer hardware storage. It could store files temporarily or permanently. Computer Memory usually operates at a high speed. One example is the Random-access memory or RAM. Computer memory links to an addressable semiconductor memory. Volatile and Non-volatile are two types of semiconductor memory. Volatile memory is … Read more