Different Types of Errors


Errors are issues which are arise in computer making it not to work properly and it can be either software or hardware errors. A logic error which is a bug in the program makes it not to work in a correct way DIFFERENT TYPES OF ERRORS (last updated on 19 July 2019) COMPILATION ERROR: Compile … Read more

Different Types of Electricity


Electricity is nothing much it’s a part of nature and in which the energy is fuelled by transfer of electrons from positive and negative points within the conductor, also used for supplying power or energy to buildings and other electric appliances DIFFERENT TYPES OF ELECTICITY: STATIC ELECTRICITY: Static electricity is a form of insulator which … Read more

Different Types of Fax Machines


Fax machine is used as a transmit the printed documents over the telephone lines as it converts the single graphic image into bitmap. It also helps in digitizing the material and transmitting the documents as electronic signals. The transmissions it sends is known as the fax DIFFERENT TYPES OF FAX MACHINES : INKJET FAX MACHINE: … Read more

Different Types of Computers


Different Types of Computers In Layman’s Terms Here, we will enumerate and describe the different types of computers, in terms that will be understood by everyone. No geek talk. No tech overload. Just plain old English, comprehensive, yet easy to comprehend. Here’s some basic knowledge for you. The first thing you should know is that … Read more

Different Types of Communication

Different Types of Communication There are many ways to communicate with every person. From a simple gesture to a web page ad, we communicate our thoughts to others, consciously or not. Let’s learn about the different types of communication from the experts, and maybe some bits of common sense. Because sometimes, or most of the … Read more

Different Types of Camera Lenses

                   Different types of Camera Lenses Introduction A camera lens also identified as photographic lens or photographic objective is an visual lens or gathering of lenses used in combination with a camera body and device to build images of objects also on photographic pictures or on other media proficient of storing an picture chemically or electronically. There is no … Read more

Different Types of Cables

Different types of cable Introduction An electrical cable is ready of two or more wires running side by side and bonded, warped, or braided jointly to form a solitary assembly, the ends of which can be joined to two devices, enabling the move of electrical signals from one appliance to the other. Cables are used for a broad range … Read more

Different Types of Emails


Types of Emails Employee. Employer. Job applicant. Businessman. Anybody. In this age of internet, email has become an integral part of almost, if not, everyone. I used to use email just to communicate with my relatives in other countries. I had my own personal email address @hotmail.com. When I transferred to work in a multinational … Read more

Different Types of Computer Memory

different types of computer

Different Types of Computer Memory Computer Memory is primary computer hardware storage. It could store files temporarily or permanently. Computer Memory usually operates at a high speed. One example is the Random-access memory or RAM. Computer memory links to an addressable semiconductor memory. Volatile and Non-volatile are two types of semiconductor memory. Volatile memory is … Read more

Different Types of Cars

different types of cars

Different Types of Cars Cars are four-wheeled vehicles powered by an engine. Basic transportation is the purpose of cars. Two main types of cars are automatic and manual cars. Cars are designed differently to suit the needs of the user. It differs in size, style, capacity and other features. One basic type of car is … Read more