Different Types of Bees

Different Types of Bees

Like any other natural thing essentially exists upon this earth, bee is equally one of the important things that help environment becomes pleasant and fresh as well as to let this earth and its people survive.

Bees are the main pollinator among insects to help the growth of foods. Bees do not only provide honey but in fact they are behind much of food we eat including fruits, vegetables, etc.

Animals as well as human beings hugely depend upon bees for their survival because of food sources, including nuts, berries, seeds, etc… rely upon insect pollination.

A honey bee can usually visit fifty to one-thousand flowers in one trip; if bee takes ten trips a day, a colony with twenty-thousand forager bees can pollinate 250 million flowers in a day.

Pollinators contribute billions to the world economy. The global crop production pollinated by bees is valued at over $500 billion.

Different Types of Bees

Honey Bees: Honey bee is one of the significant species existing in this world that is deemed as very helpful for the growth of plantation such as Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, etc.

The living process of honey bees is very similar to the living of human beings. They choose a head of colony like any other society does; named as the ‘Queen’ of honey bees.

There are workers who serve the queen and work for the survival of hives of honey bees same as the members of any state work for the betterment of their living as well as follow the orders of the head of the state.

Lastly, the drones that play the role of mate to the Queen of honey bees. It helps bees in breeding the next generation of honey bees. Likewise, a human being needs a partner to live his/her life as well as produce offspring.

The queen governs the whole structure of hive. It also lays the eggs that will be hatched to initiate the hive’s next generation of honey bees. Queen being the head of beehive or colony guides the behavior of the bees through a chemical produced by her.

The female honey bees of beehive are also known as Workers. The job of female honey bees is to search food (collecting pollen and nectar from flowers), build and protect hives, clean the colony and circulate air by beating his wings.

The male version of honey bees are also known as drones. The main purpose drones is to mate new queen of bees and breed new generation of honey bees.

During the summer and spring, few hundred honeybees live in each hive but when it come to winter, the hive of honey bees goes into survival mode and drones(male honey bees) are thrown out of the beehive.

Like the norm of any colony or society, honey bees also choose their new queen for the hive when the previous one dies. The new queen must be from the larvae (the newly hatched eggs of honey bees). Other bees render her special treatment by feeding special food called royal jelly. This enables the larvae to develop into a fertile queen.

The flying speed of honey bee is around twenty-five kilometer per hour and it beats her wings two-hundred times per second. The duration of life of honey bee is almost five to six months approximately. In this period she produces around a twelfth spoon of honey. Whereas, the life time of the queen of the honey bees is gauged around five years. In which she lays up to two-thousand-five-hundred eggs a day!

Honey bee has a special sense of smell through which she communicates other bees within the hive; regarding the recognition of different types of flowers when looking for food.

Over the fifteen years, honey bees have been disappearing, sadly! Billion of honey bees across the world are leaving their hives and never returned… In some regions, up to ninety percent of honey bees have already vanished. The real reason remained unknown till date.

Carpenter Bees: Carpenter bee is another type of the bees. It does look alike as bumblebee in appearance but carpenter bee has smooth abdomen whereas bumblebee has hairy.

Unlike other common bees, carpenter bee does not live in colonies or beehive but it is prominent to live in woods (either inside the tree or in wooden made houses) by making holes it them.

Usually female carpenter bees by chewing the wood and making holes in it, they create their galleries in the wooden places to put eggs and take care of larvae to grow as mature carpenter bees.

Carpenter bees prefer to live in soft, unpainted, well-worn or damaged woods. The eggs of carpenter bees would grow to be an adult in the period of thirty-six days. Male of carpenter bee does not sting whereas female stings seldom when someone provokes her badly.

Sweat Bees: Sweet bee is considered among the smallest bees living on earth and her size estimated around three to ten millimeter. They are often available everywhere (from East to West except Australia) but it is found more commonly in North-America.

Sweat bees are generally of black and metallic colored but there are also some of brassy yellow, bluish-green, and green colored sweat bees occur. The ‘Green Sweat Bees’ are deemed to be the most attractive among other sweet bees in North-America.

Sweat Bees have gotten this name from their habit of landing on people to collect salt from human’s skin during the summer season. Sweet bees suck small flowers to get food (pollen and nectar) which are usually ignored by other types of bees.

Sweet bees are not aggressive in nature and hardly sting anyone unless someone handles her very tightly or harshly. They use vertical grounding nests to protect their eggs to develop them in it.

Bumblebees: Bumblebee is one of the insects and considered as the most important for the growth of food in any garden. The size of bumblebee is large enough as compared to other bees and she looks very fuzzy with her short and stubby wings.

Apparently, bumblebees are larger in size than the honey bees but they do not produce as much honey as honey bees do. Bumblebees do not share honey with anyone else because they produce a very wee amount of honey and it distributes between the queen of bumblebees and the larvae (the newly hatched eggs of bumblebees) for their survival.

Whereas, honey bee produce in large quantity which is quite enough for honey bees for their survival as well as the bee keeper to collect for humans to eat.

Over two-hundred-twenty-five species of bumblebees with different sizes exist in this world. The largest one is the queen of bumblebees which grows up to 1.6 inches long. This is around three to four times larger than the American bumblebees.

Bumblebees are almost available everywhere in the world. The United States of America and Canada are the places where rusty-patched bumblebees can be found in huge amount. The largest size of bumblebees is found in Argentina as well as in Chile.

Bumblebees are used to live in nests which are very close to the ground. It would be compost piles, dead leaves, under the piles of wood or even below the ground in tunnels.

Bumblebees are to be deemed as the most social creature among other bees as well as animals at large. Bumblebees suck nectar and pollen by flowers. Nectar and pollen makes bumblebees to produce honey which feeds (either to the queen of bumblebees and the larvae or newly hatched eggs of bumblebees) and to develop broods.

As the queen of bumblebees is the head of the colonies, she only survives in the season of winter and rest of all demise because the queen hibernates the whole season of cold or winter and would come out in the spring to start a new colony.

Conclusion:  As above-mentioned in this article that honey bees have been disappearing on day to day basis and never returned to their hives would be hazardous for the survival of human beings and animals. Widespread use of pesticides and climate change perhaps affecting different species of bees in general. At this point, human beings have to understand that bee-friendly gardens and parks are to be made which support in accumulating bees to save the environment of this earth.

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