Different Types of Déjà Vu


Different types of Déjà vu Déjà vu is the sense of having seen something before, and a feeling of familiarity whereas déjà vécu is the experience of having seen an event before, but in great detail such as distinguishing smells and sounds. This is also typically go with by a very strong feeling of knowing what … Read more

Different Types of Coral Reefs


Different Types of Coral Reefs Before we get into the different types of coral reefs, it is important to understand just exactly what they are. What the forests are to life above water, the reefs are the same to life underwater. And, just as the world above is seeing the continued destruction of its forests, … Read more

Different Types of Computers


Different Types of Computers In Layman’s Terms Here, we will enumerate and describe the different types of computers, in terms that will be understood by everyone. No geek talk. No tech overload. Just plain old English, comprehensive, yet easy to comprehend. Here’s some basic knowledge for you. The first thing you should know is that … Read more

20 Different Types of Communication

There are many ways to communicate with every person. From a simple gesture to a web page ad, we communicate our thoughts to others, consciously or not. Let’s learn about the different types of communication from the experts, and maybe some bits of common sense. Because sometimes, or most of the time, depending on your … Read more

Different Types of Chemical Reactions

Different Types of Chemical Reactions Every day, every minute, chemical reactions occur everywhere. Whether they occur naturally or artificially is beside the point. Every time our body takes in air, chemical reactions occur. Every second a mining plant operates, chemical reactions occur. The thing is, these chemical reactions are so small, that they go by … Read more

Different Types of Cement

Different Types of Cement Surprisingly, cement has plenty of applications. Aside from building bridges, roads, driveways, houses, and sky scrapers, cement has other uses not many of us know of. With this much utility, it is not surprising to note that there are many different types of cement as well. Rapid Hardening Cement (RHC)   … Read more

Different Types of Discrimination


DIFFERENT TYPES OF DISCRIMINATION As a human being, we all have the so called Human Rights, anywhere in the world we should exercise our human rights such as rights in education, Right to respect and be protected. Most of the time many individuals didn’t able to received human rights. Perhaps, Inequality exists. Discrimination is one … Read more

Different Types of Diet

Diet different types

“Oh, I’m on a diet. Would you mind if I just sit here?” That is a line in a foreign movie I watched a long time ago, not the verbatim line, word by word, but similar to the line above. A girl friend is being invited to eat with the family of the man but … Read more

Different Types of Depression

Depression different types

Different Types of Depression Depression is a mood wherein a person constantly feels down and withdrawal of any activities affecting a person’s thoughts, feelings and behavior. Sadness, anxiety, restlessness, despair, emptiness, guiltiness, worthlessness, irritableness and shyness are emotions that come with depression. People who are depressed may lose their appetite or resolve in overeating.  Some … Read more

Different Types of Computer Memory

different types of computer

Different Types of Computer Memory Computer Memory is primary computer hardware storage. It could store files temporarily or permanently. Computer Memory usually operates at a high speed. One example is the Random-access memory or RAM. Computer memory links to an addressable semiconductor memory. Volatile and Non-volatile are two types of semiconductor memory. Volatile memory is … Read more