Different Types of Breast Cancer

breast cancer different types

Breast Cancer is a disease wherein cancer cells develop from the breast tissues. Cancer cells usually arise in the inner lining of milk ducts or milk glands of a woman’s breasts. The cancerous tumor that grew in the breast could spread to the other parts of the body. Women can obtain different forms of breast … Read more

Different Types of Birth Control

birth control different types

Birth Control is the act of preventing pregnancy. Birth control is an effective way for child planning. Usually, women practice this to avoid unwanted pregnancy. There are different methods and instruments in birth control. One example is the use of Birth Control Sponge. Birth control sponge is a soft, round plastic foam that women insert … Read more

9 Different Types of Colleges

types of colleges

Are you going to college? What school did you pick? What course are you going to take? These are just some of the common questions of a graduating high school student. Upon reaching the final year in high school, a student will have to face another stage of his/her life – to pursue college or … Read more

Different Types of Beer

“Beer, anyone?” Whether chilling out at Friday night, watching a ball game or just a quiet night at home, beer can always be our buddy. One of the oldest beverages, beer is a staple drink for bars, ball games, parties, fraternity houses. From its ancient beginnings, beer has now evolved and diversified into many different … Read more

Different Types of Lung Cancer

lung cancer different types

Cigarette Smoking is one of the dangerous relaxations for someone wish to live or have a healthy life, as we hear the reminder cigarette smoking is dangerous to our health. Large number of men and some women are smoking cigarettes. Cigarette is a bony thin roll of thinly cut tobacco in a rolled paper use … Read more

Different Types of Liquor

liquor different types

One of our daily needs to be fully alive is to drink beverages or liquid such as water, juice, liquor and many more. We need to take beverages with our food for us to intake all of the solid foods we ate. In fact, many of people drinks the so called liquor because for them it is pleasure, it … Read more