Different Types of Ecology

Ecology is a way through which you can analyze the interaction and dependences among the people and the nature. There are lots of living things in the world and by ecology; it defines us how these living things are related to the world in form of dependencies and interactions. Ecology have certain classification levels by which you can understand the importance of natural kinds of resources in which the humans rely on.

Population ecology:

We have seen that the populations getting changed over times right? We may not know why it is getting change dot what constitutes the changes? In simple terms, the population ecology actually defines the reason for it. It is a study that deals with the population variations and the factors behind it. You may also come across many organisms or specs where those populations have been reduced so much and there are kinds of organisms which have so much increased with the population today. The population ecology is capable of analyzing it and providing us the information about it. By analyzing the death rates, birth rates, density, ratio of sex population ecology can very well determine or forecast the future predictions of the organisms. The life of an organism relates to the many factors like the growth of the organism, the survival period, the rate of reproduction and more the development of it. These are the elements that constitute the study of population and through population ecology you can even predict more about the life of an organism taking these relevant factors into account. This is a vital in estimating or understanding the distribution of population.

Community ecology:

In the same area, there would be different organisms that might live and the community ecology refers to the study of specifies based on the community. It actually deals with the study of the species or organisms and also about the relationship which exists between them. That is, how the organisms are related in the form of community i.e., biological community as well as the kind of relationship which exists between them.

Ecosystem ecology:

The main components of ecosystem are living things and the non-living this. The ecosystem ecology mainly deals with the interaction of these components with the ecosystem. The linking of both the living and non living things is extremely shown by this type of ecology. It shows out the relationship which exists between the plants and animals.


Coming to predation it is a sort of ecology described by the life cycle where an organism for the survival kills another one in order to consume. Through predation actually the level of population of prey are getting reduced and that is a systematic level of ecology that brings about. Through this there may bring about an extinction of species also. These have several impacts to the ecology. Group predations are also common seen mostly in carnivores. We cannot say that always the animals are the predators there are also plants which act as predators where they catch up organisms. Predators are very necessary in maintaining up a healthy ecosystem.


This actually comes around in the situation where both the organisms use same resource and that may be of shortage. Here, the requirement would be high due to the increased species but the resources would be of less. It leads to have the competition among the organisms. It can happen as a direct interaction between the organisms or can be indirect ones. Direct interaction in the sense i.e., the interference competition where one of the organisms may compete with another organism by changing its power of taking a resource which would be common between both of them. The indirect competition among the organisms referred to as exploitation competition where both of them indirectly compete for a resource that is common for them. Both animals and plants would compete for the resources they need. This is exactly the competition state of ecology between living organisms.


It is a good form of ecology where one organism lives in another one and takes away the benefits as they receive from the one they stay in. The more important thing to say that these organisms exist in a mutual relation without harming one another. With this both of them receives the benefits and not that one depend more on another. It is like one individual having a host individual where they live in. It would be like one individual occupying space of the other organism’s body or even in the cells of another one. It is a kind of strategy that the organism does for its survival by living as parasite on another organism’s body.



It is a sort of cooperation between the two organisms which are of different species where both of them would have a relationship and that they receive benefits from each other for their survival. It is a kind of interaction that exists between different two species. They protect each other from the enemies and also they maintain the fitness by interacting between them. This is a great way in establishing the good benefits between both the species. This also creates the higher population densities by having the mutual relationship between them. Through mutualism both the organisms show up the strong interaction which biologically exists between them. There are many specs which are in mutualism form of interaction maintaining ones.


This is a relationship which exists between two species where one lives in another and receives the benefits from it but without causing any sort of harm to another or even giving benefit to it. These hosts will not be affected by any means but the other would receive all the benefits which it requires in the form of food and shelter. The host will not have any sort of changes and they remain unchanged with this interaction and that neatly describes the commensalism part of ecology maintained between the individuals. It is a great level of balance ecology level maintained between the organisms among each other.

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